September 22nd, 2015

The reason blogging has been so light is that I’ve been racing to finish the stunning conclusion of the Virtues trilogy and as of last Friday, the final installment (Revenge of the Virtues*) is off to the publisher.

Since I have a bunch of free time on my hands I’ve been doing some actual writing. Pope Francis: Menace or Farce is just in time for the Holy Father’s visit. (Spoiler alert–the answer is “both”.) Then there’s a quick react to Scott Walker’s drop-out. And finally, a little defense of Ben Carson’s discomfort with having an orthodox Muslim president–and the media’s ridiculous preening about how they would love a “real” Muslim POTUS. Because orthodox Muslims are so great on gay rights and the war on women.


* Not the actual title. Real title is The Christmas Virtues. You’ll never guess what it’s about.


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