Oh No He Didn’t!
January 7th, 2015

Is it my imagination or is Gabriel Snyder insinuating that Frank Foer is racist and sexist:

As we revive one proud legacy of The New Republicthe launching of new voices and expertsthose new voices and experts will be diverse in race, gender, and background. As we build our editorial staff, we will reach out to talented journalists who might have previously felt unwelcome at The New Republic.

That’s the only possible reading, no? “Diverse” races and genders were made to feel “unwelcome” under the regime immediately preceding Snyder. (And it has to be immediately preceding him–this is phrased in such a way that it doesn’t make sense if Snyder is talking about History’s Greatest Monster, Marty Peretz, because he was long-gone and those injustices must surely have been corrected.) The bad old regime has to mean either the owner or the editor of the magazine. But since ownership hasn’t changed, that can only mean someone who rhymes with Anklin-Fray, Oer-Fay.

If Twitter has taught me anything, it’s that being racist and/or sexist is the worst thing in the world. I wonder what Foer’s friends will have to say about Snyder’s imputations.

Exit Question: Snyder and Hughes sure aren’t trying to put out any fires, are they? This seems more like a double-down fuck all y’all, than an attempt to build bridges. Not that I blame them. We can’t be more than six months away from a big piece in the New York Times Magazine or some such proclaiming: The New New Republic is confounding expectations and improbably returning to glory. Owner Chris Hughes has learned so many lessons and grown so much from the turmoil.

What are the odds that the lefty mainstream media are able to hold a grudge against their fellow travelers. Impossible-to-one?

  1. anon January 7, 2015 at 8:47 pm

    Ta Neheisi Coates should make sure he is in constant touch with his agent.