Romney Rising
April 12th, 2011

Hey–Mitt Romney is gonna run for president! Who knew? I never thought the American public would be able to haul this great servant back to stand for office again.

No matter what happens in 2012, the best part of the campaign is going to be watching the Romney hard-cases from 2008 try to wiggle out of having to go the barricades for him again. Especially if Rick Santorum gets into the race.

But the second best part of the campaign will be items like this one:

“Trump jumped from 10 percent in a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll conducted last month, with Romney dropping from 18 percent to 11 percent.”

The poll’s real significance is in that last bit. I don’t know what’s scarier for Mitt — the idea that his support is so soft that it’ll melt from two weeks of the guy from “The Apprentice” talking about Obama’s birth certificate, or the possibility that his decline isn’t Trump-related at all and is apt to persist even when Donaldmania cools. CNN’s pollster notes that Romney’s support actually drops without Trump in the race, which points directly at the second theory, but I dunno. They are an awful lot alike in some ways


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