Social Media for D-Bags
March 27th, 2015

I love–lovethis piece in Fortune by Andres Traslavina slugged “How social media can actually help you get hired.” This is the career advice equivalent of arguing that getting struck by lightning can actually give you super speed.

Sample d-baggery:

You can back up the experiences on your resume by pointing to specific examples of work stored on your social channels. . . .

During the interview, point to a project you have uploaded to LinkedIn, a video on YouTube, or a series of tweets demonstrating your knowledge of the company. When you can show authentic social interactions to back your resumeyou will definitely be one step ahead of the competition.

Just out of curiosity: What do you think the ratio is of people who have gotten jobs because of a series of tweets, to the number of people who have lost jobs because of a series of tweets?  Ten-thousand to one? More?

But the best comes in the next graph where the guy dishing out the career advice tells readers:

You may be good at many things, but your typically only great at a few. [sic]

I suspect that mastering basic grammar might impress people more than loading projects onto LinkedIn, but who knows.

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