The Greatest Thing Ever
March 16th, 2015

Courtesy of Santino, here’s a Max Landis production on the greatness of pro wrestling.

Now that description alone should be enough to melt your eyeballs. But it’s like he’s made this thing just for me. Because it’s not just an appreciation of wrestling–it’s an appreciation of Triple H. And it’s not just an appreciation of Triple H–it’s an appreciation of Triple H featuring:

* Awesome callbacks to The Death and Sleep of Superman.

* The single best explanation of Ric Flair, ever.

* The funniest t-shirt send-up of John Cena, ever. (I want “Spoiler: I Win” and I want it now.)

* Probably two dozen insanely hot girls dressed in really clever send-ups of various WWE stars.

* An absolutely money Paul Bearer impression.

* The best middle-brow defense I’ve ever seen of wrestling as story-telling artform.

Insane amounts of awesome. Go now. Commit the full 24 minutes. You won’t regret it.

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