The PC Multiculturalism of Disney Fairies
October 12th, 2015

It’s real, and it’s spectacular.

Endnotes and digressions:

*I actually like the Fairies series. Quite a lot. The movies may be direct-to-video, but they’re nothing like the DTV schlock of my childhood. Writers have spent time on the scripts and the animation is lush and inventive. John Lasseter gets executive producer credits on all of these movies and while I don’t know how much oversight he’s giving the Fairies productions, you can see that his fingerprints are now all over the Disney animation culture.

*I’ll take the Fairies over Dora, Manny, and the PBS kids junk every day. Legend of the NeverBeast has the best exploration of death and loss I’ve ever seen for 5-year-olds.

*There’s a lot of great voicework in the Fairies movies, but Rosario Dawson might be the best performance in the series, so I’m in no way complaining about her at Nyx. If I was King of Hollywood, I’d put Rosario Dawson in just about every movie. She’s great.

*Tinker Bell is voiced by Mae Whitman, akak Ann Veal. (Her?) I’ve found that while I can’t hear any of Bland in Tinker Bell’s voice, when I watch Arrested Development I hear Tink every time Ann talks. Weird.

If they every work in an Easter egg about a May-Ann-Egg, I will lose it.

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